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Veterinary Meat Hygiene Inspectors (VMHI)





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Veterinary Meat Hygiene Inspectors (VMHI) – the opportunity to start a new career and life in the UK
Eville & Jones is Europe’s largest independent provider of official veterinary inspection services with a proven track record of supporting international vets coming to work in the UK.  As an organisation we are committed to supporting each other and acting with integrity and honesty.  This is a fantastic opportunity to join a truly great and diverse team with vets from over 25 countries.

Our multilingual HR and recruitment teams ensure that all the information you require is clearly expressed in your own language - avoiding the possibility of any misunderstanding. We will also put you in touch with established colleagues from your native country who can offer advice, and help you settle into your new role and life in the UK.  Our team really understands the importance of this support as most of them experienced it themselves.

We are looking for Veterinary Meat Hygiene Inspectors (VMHI) to work in a number of locations across the UK.  The VMHI role offers a base salary up to £26,600 commensurate with experience together with an excellent range of benefits which can include a company car or access to a car lease scheme and a mobile phone.

While no experience is necessary, applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Native English speakers or IELTS level 4 for overseas applicants
  • Veterinary degree
  • Category B driving licence
Key responsibilities will include:
  • Conducting ante-mortem inspection of animals for slaughter
  • Conducting post-mortem inspection and health marking
  • Verification of animal welfare compliance
Why apply?
The opportunity to work for Europe’s largest independent provider of official veterinary inspection services, together with a highly competitive salary and benefits package makes this an exciting opportunity for anyone considering starting a new life and developing their career in the UK.  As an organisation whose core values include ‘taking responsibility’ and ‘supporting each other’ we are committed to fully assisting new members of our team throughout the recruitment and onboarding process.

For more information about a career as a VMHI and how we will help you settle into a new life in the UK click here
Be part of our team! Send CV on mail: recruitment@eandj.co.uk

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